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Philippe Parreno’s Exhibition “Hypothesis” at HangarBicocca in Milan

Philippe Parreno’s Exhibition “Hypothesis” at HangarBicocca in Milan

“Hypothesis” at the Pirelli-supported HangarBicocca contemporary art space in Milan is the first survey exhibition in Italy of French artist Philippe Parreno. Curated by Andrea Lissoni, the exhibition is conceived as a choreographed space modulated by a series of events.

Employing the exhibition itself as his medium, Parreno explores the boundary between reality and its representation, using elements of film, video, sound, writing, and drawing. He also addresses the concept of authorship through collaborations with influential artists, musicians, and architects.

The exhibition at HangarBicocca showcases several of Parreno’s most significant works in film, video, installation, and sound as well as a major installation by Jasper Johns and musical compositions by a host of influential composers.

“All of the elements in the exhibition—the videos, music recordings, and marquees—can be controlled from a master keyboard that looks like a piano but conceptually is more like a gamelan, with diverse instruments that can be played together,” Parreno explains.

Key works include Parreno’s iconic “Marquees,” the artificial light installation “Another Day with Another Sun,” realized in collaboration with the artist Liam Gillick, and a series of props made by American artist Jasper John for Merce Cunningham’s 1968 performance “Walkaround Time.”

The exhibition also includes Parreno’s manga-based collaboration with Pierre Huyghe, titled “Anywhere Out of the World” (2000), in addition to a number of the artist’s films such as “Alien Seasons” (2002), Invisibleboy (2010-2015), Marilyn (2012), and The Crowd (2015)

According to Lissoni,“’Hypothesis’ can be considered an experimental model for a solo show, in which different existing works are recombined for just the duration of the exhibition, becoming a temporary installation, and then getting back their individual lives and status after the show itself has ended.

“‘Hypothesis’ is a hypothesis for a time-based exhibition in which beginning and end are no longer located in the space but dispersed in time, enabling a never ending iridescent experience of the artworks as well as of the venue.”

Philippe Parreno“Hypothesis” is at HangarBicocca until February 14, 2016

Opening Philippe Parreno | "Hypothesis" | 21.10.2015

Scoprite la mostra "Hypothesis" Ecco il video dell'opening della mostra di Philippe Parreno, a cura di Andrea Lissoni. Condividetelo e venite a trovarci in #HangarBicocca! #ParrenoHypothesis

Posted by HangarBicocca on Friday, October 23, 2015

Philippe Parreno’s “Hypothesis”

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